60 million “Americans” acted stupidly.

An Absurd and Dangerous President (Der Spiegel). Strong words from one of the US’s most staunch allies.

First problem: with his disregard for plain truth, Trump is a menace for democracy in the US and everywhere else.

Second problem: The US no longer represents our civilization, or what’s left of it. Authoritarian regimes and populists rejoice.

Third problem: by retrenching, the US will leave many spaces open to fanatics, populists and dictators; common sense, common decency, plain logic are the exception. The countries that have coasted on the tails of the US will need to step up or suffer the consequences.

The first likely scenario is that Putin will test Trump, who will let him do as he pleases since “it’s not our problem”, which the EU will need to tackle head on. Japan might be blackmailed in the medium term to pay for defense, which is of course different from paying for the whim of the US.