America afraid of freedom.

Back to square one: an isolationist US. The US has abdicated its leadership of the west (Der Spiegel).

'Murica head buried in the sand.

From Dr Seuss, UC San Diego.

“Human dignity is the centerpiece of the Western project. Following the revolutions in France and the United States in the late 18th century, states began guaranteeing human rights for the first time. Human rights have a normative character, as Heinrich August Winkler argued in his monumental work “History of the West.” And a racist cannot embody this normative project. Trump has no sense of dignity — neither for himself nor others. He does not qualify as the leader of the Western world, because he is both unwilling and incapable of assuming that role.”

In other words, the role of freedom fighting superpower is too big for Trump and his followers. ‘Murica, that really big chicken plonking its head in the sands. The US is giving up on its own century long project. It was often devious, like when pretending to fight for freedom while sustaining dictatorships, but that west never had it so good.

“fear of losing freedom… fear of freedom itself”. For instance the fear of others’ freedom, to migrate. America afraid. America afraid of freedom.

Europe needs to step up, stop fretting and face the imminent danger. How? Show the benefits of a strong union, of more relative stability, turn the Euro into the world’s de facto currency since the US is giving up. Brexit can be used as a strength, given the UK’s long standing war of attrition against the EU. Time for statesmen and not small p politicians à la Sarkozy, Berlusconi, Cameron and Trump.

China needs to seize the opportunity to appear rational, and prepare for the upcoming upheaval given the stark difference between the economic and political rights of its citizens, the lack of representation and transparency of its government.

The ever emerging nations need to take a long look at themselves, their pathetic politicians and economies, and circumvent the old reflexes, like only ever seeing “the left” as an alternative to “capitalism”; they were the least helped by the US, when they were not outright exploited or invaded, so they have the most to win.