Trump, the establishment’s choice.

Is the FBI part of the establishment? Did it swing the election? Yes and yes; Trump is therefore the establishment’s choice. An establishment not in line with the current president, Obama. An establishment ready to subvert the democratic process for its own benefit. An establishment ready to drag the entire country into the mud just to get its way. Welcome to the Banana Republic of the United States.

Is a dunce easier to manipulate? We already know the answer thanks to Dubya. This one will require more finesse, let him feel in power while the country is actually run with shady deals handling those details that are beneath the “great leader”.

Do the people in the team reek of the establishment? Christie, Giuliani, Gingrich: Yes, of course. It’s not even in place yet and the new government already stinks of papery, smokey skin. All three men of action, all three experts of the manic smile: everything’s A-Ok, never mind that small thing called reality.