Welcome to the age of stupidity.

Fear won: The troll in power.

Yell real hard, lie, grope, repeat. An understanding of the facts? The stakes at hand? Solutions? Not needed, in fact they’re just a nuisance. Your own personal power is everything, at the expense of your own country.

Guess what, we’ve been before, it’s called history, and democratic ideals have been but a blip. Real ideals, not loud talk debunked by facts. A real upholding of democracy, not sustaining puppet regimes and invading other countries. Welcome to the Middle Ages part II.

Brexit was a very bad omen, Trump confirms it: democracy is fragile and requires an active defense. Citizens will be easily misled by politicians looking for short term gain, at the expense of the entire country.

In understanding why the US debacle happened, we must resist blaming the victim. Trump remains a loser even in victory.

The United States of resentment, not of progress: it’s always someone else’s fault, it’s all a conspiracy. A woman president? After a black president? No way.

Basic apathy. A Democrat after eight years of another Democrat? Not likely. Bubbles: not everyone appreciates reason in the US, not when you resent those that got an education.

Personal ambition above all else. The US does love its cowboys, black hat or white hat. Everything else sounds like a wimpy compromise.

Consequences, oh yeah, those:

Uncertainty. What mood will President Grope wake up in? What daily act of insanity will that entail? This won’t be Trump the menace, this will be Trump unhinged, on top of the world, with zero checks and balances. This is Trump’s alternate reality with no connection to the real one. If the unthinkable has happened, let’s think beyond: dictator Trump, for however long he lives? There’s nothing to stop him.

The first casualty: the economy, of course, thanks to that uncertainty. All those millions of resentfuls will be the first to get fired, thanks for playing, suckers. But the one in power doesn’t care about the economy or the suckers, they’re just part of the game, ask Putin. Everything that was taken for granted needs to be verified, and that’s going to make everything more expensive.

The United States has been cut down to size. You cannot aspire to greatness when you stoop so low. Yes, you were stupid enough to vote for him, and thanks to the Internet you won’t have to travel abroad to feel the weight of disdain: So, this is an american? What new act of stupidity will you perform today? You just provided the perfect excuse for petty dictators the world over to pour bile on any alternative: so, this is what democracy produces? A Trump? What’s he got that I don’t have?

Remember children, good guys always lose, lie, yell your way to power like President Trump did, these are your values, they’ve always been, never mind so called christianity, which was always an excuse.

Other countries need to take stock: you don’t reason with a madman, and you certainly don’t expect him to be the world’s sheriff. Given the state of the US economy and the protectionist rants, you won’t even be able to count on it to buy your products.

What do we do now?

We cannot leave politics in the hands of politicians. We cannot take so much for granted. We cannot be shocked by stupidity, we cannot let it pass unabated. We need to build a positive alternative, as we cannot go back to the old solution of compromises. We need to succeed where everyone else failed; and we need to show this alternative as better at each step of the way.

The media is toothless, both old and young, it can only talk to its own bubbles. We need to be the media. We need something better than the daily news of fear, and we need to keep in check the feral politician. The principle is easy, and old: Cui Bono? Who profits from this?

The new economy is here to stay, but needs to adapt to the reality of these new middle ages: generate value, solve problems, but take into account that a lot that was taken for granted will need to be validated. You cannot take reason for granted, you cannot take rights for granted.