What Donald Trump says about the US (it ain’t pretty)

From can do on a grand scale to self righteous whiners: where did it all go wrong?

Trump Crybaby

Crybaby and the end of the GOP.

An ill prepared buffoon would have been driven away in tar and feathers; now he gets to rant on TV and online; and there’s people ready to listen to this drivel. But he’s a mere puppet of circumstance (and Putin), a symptom of a wider problem. Of course electing a man child can only make problems worse.


Tarred and featherd: when the US knew better. (http://angusmcleod.deviantart.com).

Disenfranchised? Or merely self righteous and deluded? Is someone else the source of all your problems? If you think everything’s a conspiracy you’ve surrendered your right to think things through and do something about it. Want to be the victim, or solve things? The latter is called progress, and for a long time the US excelled at it: by doing exactly the opposite of what Trump does.

Yelling harder doesn’t make it right. Somehow the US became a hot bed of angry people; angry because they feel disenfranchised and powerless, because no one listens to what they have to say, which is of course all that matters in whole wide world. Stop yelling and listen to yourself. You are making a scene and it’s ridiculous. Laugh at yourself, it’s healthy, and move on.

Wishful thinking won’t solve problems. Many of the problems are real (the real estate debacle which accounts for a big dent in the American Dream, a recession since 2008, the changing labor market, the ups and downs of many industries), some are self inflicted (invade other countries only to generate more terrorists, hello?), but burying your head in the sand and yelling real hard cannot solve them.

If you think it’s about Hillary Clinton vs Donald Trump, think again. Trump only does lies, lechery and spite; none of which makes Clinton a saint, or even a popular choice, but her issues are but a spec compared to Trump’s mountain of dung. You are being bamboozled by a guy who will promise anything and everything for power, at the expense of you and the entire country.

“Making America great again” is idiotic. The media played along in the name of sacrosanct impartiality; you cannot remain impartial in the face of blatant stupidity and lies. You can and should aspire to a new greatness, but you cannot turn back the clock, things have changed way too much: the economy, other economies like China, world wide terrorism. Get a grip or get carried away by the torrent of history.

The US is now the laughing stock of the world, as it prepares to even consider voting for Bozo the Tangerine Tinted Buffoon; but it’s nervous laughter, as previously phlegmatic Brits stunned the world by doing a Brexit*, and Colombians voted against peace: stupidity on a grand scale is very much a possibility. The consequences for the US and the world would be nothing short of catastrophic.

Think it doesn’t matter? Think again. Yes US politics have been nauseating for a long time, and reform is urgent; but thrashing at everything is not the answer: the tree of democracy needs an urgent pruning, not being uprooted in favor of {populist of the month}.

*Brexit: stupid and unexpected thing, done for the wrong reasons.