Political expediency vs national interest in the UK

The brexit omnishambles continues: May appoints Boris as foreign minister. Really.

Yes he would do less damage to her on a short leash, as opposed to running loose as a backbencher. No, this is not what Britain needs: A new foreign minister with zero credibility. If he lied to brits he will be lying to everyone else – and EU officials know it. Britain is now the butt of jokes.

Theresa May

First day in office and she’s already debased her premiership. (The Guardian)

The only solution is for all counterparties to cut him down to size and treat him like the buffoon he is. They need to make sure all negotiations are made directly with May, as if he wasn’t in the room. The EU need to seriously press for a quick brexit; are visas feasible?

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You know you’re in trouble when a unitedstater (a) gets the joke and (b) tries not to laugh at you. US State Dept. spokesman trying very hard not to laugh at Boris Johnson, and brits in general. (The Guardian).

Lesson for everyone: Politicians running in a closed mental loop will always put self interest first, national interests a distant second.