RIP Great Britain

Brexit: Little England kills Great Britain, for the silliest of reasons. Pour un oui, pour un non.

Great Britain turns into Little England

From The Economist

Small mindedness, pettiness, emotions triumph over self awareness, pragmatism, phlegm.

When two clowns brought down a realm of ideas, for short lived personal gain over their own country. Scotland becomes independent and later joins the EU, Wales remains hostage, Northern Ireland returns to chaos – or realises its destiny lies reunited with Ireland in the EU, for simple economic and stability reasons.


Clown number one. They weren’t actually listening to me, were they? (The Guardian)

The lessons for the UK: a much smaller economy, a much smaller state of mind, at the mercy of economic winds and much bigger powers. Welcome to the little leagues.

The lesson for Europe: do not underestimate populism, lack of leadership and sheer stupidity. The reasons for the European Union remain strong, but need to be actively defended, and not by small minded lower case politicians.

Clown number two

C’est la vie, says Fromage. (The Guardian)