Francis Urquhart vs Frank Underwood

Or the emperor vs one angry ewok with a drawl.

Francis Urquihart

The real Francis. Via

On the one hand power, certainty, control, fear, tradition, deep cynicism sprinkled with lovely croutons of irony. How he enjoys power. He will flay you with his eyes.

On the other hand a tired sludge plumber, busy rewriting bills, a tourist in his own life. How he suffers power. You can’t but feel sorry for his banality.

Frank Underwood

The sludge plumber. Could we swing by the ribs place? Via

The US / sanitized version misses the point entirely, as expected. Opportunities missed:

  • Looking at Joe Viewer in the eye and showing him how he created this Washington monster: yes, they all fake the accent, yes they all sport a toupée, yes they’re all for sale, and it’s all thanks to you. The ivy league WASP with a fake texas accent; as opposed to the tired cliché of the poor upstart with a grudge.
  • Showing the might of US power, its antagonism with the gosh shucks version.