Luxottica to work with Google on Google Glass eyewear (The Guardian/FT/Businessweek/Engadget)

Beyond the PR aspect, the possible pull for stores (come try them) and trying to make the glasses better looking thanks to Luxottica’s designers the problem is this is still technology in search of a problem to solve, which Google hasn’t yet found. The solution would be to start looking for those uses and see how the glasses help… Plus there’s the creep and privacy factors to solve:

Sherlock google glass

Sherlock, from

Luxottica: Glassy (FT). Will it help the earnings and sales growth? A lot will depend on the first models, but it would be a mistake to let the market think results depend to a great degree on this deal.

Google to De-Dorkify Glass in Partnership With Ray-Ban Maker Luxottica (Businessweek). Luxottica… “a far larger footprint than fashionable online retailer Warby Parker, with which Google reportedly discussed a partnership.” so it’s not just design Google has in mind, it’s also retail presence.

Uses like this: Sailboat racers get a heads-up display to call their own (Engadget).