Cocaine Incorporated

How a Mexican Cartel makes its Millions (NY Times)

Should read “Billions”

“… “Drug cartel,” it turns out, is a whopper of a misnomer”

High tech fences vs catapults: “We’ve got the best fence money can buy, and they counter us with a 2,500-year-old technology.”

“the future of the business may be methamphetamine”. PBS Frontline: The Meth Edpidemic.

“the marginal imprisonment risk.”

working “for the cartel but outside it.”

“It’s not just the federales that the narcos fear; it’s also one another… treachery abounds”. “the cartel has revived an unlikely custom: the ancient art of dynastic marriage”.

“The cartel bribes mayors and prosecutors and governors, state police and federal police, the army, the navy and a host of senior officials at the national level…. In the trippy semiotics of the drug war, the cops dress like bandits, and the bandits dress like cops”

“since 2004, there have been 138 convictions or indictments in corruption investigations involving members of the United States Customs and Border Protection… job offers have been extended to the immediate relatives of known traffickers”

“It may simply be… that the Sinaloa leadership is “more conscious of their brand.””

“There has been speculation in Mexico that the Calderón regime favors Sinaloa… pax narcotica


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